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I incorporate the use of essential oils into my Energy Healing sessions mostly because I love the way they boost life force energy in the body. They are a wonderful complement to Energy Healing techniques.  I am also very drawn to the spiritually and emotionally uplifting properties of the oils.  I have used them personally and with my family for years, enjoying the way they support healthy immune function, increase comfort in my musculoskeletal system, support healthy, rejuvenating sleep, and how they enhance my overall feeling of well-being. I clean my home using only essential oil products and I love using all natural skin care products with essential oils as well.  I have tried a variety of brands of essential oils over the years and have always liked the vibration of Young Living essential oils best. 

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Young Living Joy Blend

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Lauri Pointer

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Ordering by phone: Call Young Living at 1-800-371-3515 5am-10pm MST Mon.-Fri. A representative will help you set up your account and place your first order.


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• Order Young Living Essential Oils 

• You will be given a choice of enrolling as a Wholesale Member or as a Retail Customer.

• The Wholesale Member option allows you to order at wholesale prices, which is 24% off the retail price. You are eligilbe for Essential Rewards and to receive commission if any time now or down the road you decide to do Young Living as a business.  

• Ordering as a Retail Customer costs 24% more, and you do not have the option to share with friends and family. This is a good option for people who just want to order one product, one time. You are not required to purchase a starter kit with this option.

• When you click the link above, it should automatically enter my Enroller and Sponsor number as follows.

Lauri Pointer


• Enter your personal contact information and then Create a User Name (usually first and last name together - no spaces), a password (8 – 12 characters – used when ordering online), and a 4 digit pin code (used when ordering by phone).

• If you enroll as a Wholesale Member, you will be required to purchase a Starter Kit.  If you would like help figuring out which kit would be good to start with based on your specific needs, I’d be happy to help you figure that out.  Feel free to call me at 970-430-4771.

•If you run into problems, call me at 970-430-4771, call Young Living 1-800-371-3515, or use the Live Help button, located at the top right corner of the screen (if they are available at that time). There is also a button near the top right of the screen that says "Need Help?"  That button will take you to a nice flow chart and detailed instructions for getting signed up.

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If you Join the Essential Rewards program (an automatic monthly order), you get 10%-25% of your order back in FREE products, plus reduced shipping costs. You can change your order every month. Look for Essential Rewards autoship packs during enrollment or create your own.

To Order Again: It's simple and easy. Go to Click on Sign In on the top right corner of the screen. Click on U.S. English. Type in your member number and password, and you're ready to go!

For more information about the oils and other products: Login to the Young Living website as though you were going to order. Click on Member Resources on the left. You will find audios, videos, and PowerPoints that contain valuable training information. You can also go to and to purchase Desk References (large and small) and other helpful books like the Primary Usage Guide (Abundant Health site).



Young Living Essential Oils Lauri Pointer


Hi Lauri, I'm so thrilled about your new family member. I can't wait to meet her! Could you order me 2 Lavender and 1 Gentle Baby? I need a HT session too, probably in Sept. so I'll keep you posted. See you soon, Hugs! Ellen

Ellen Holmes

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