Distance Healing

Energy is not limited by time and space. It is, therefore, possible to give an Energy Healing Treatment from a distance. A typical distance session begins with a phone call to conduct an intake and set an intention for the session together. It is ideal for you to be resting during the session, but this is not absolutely necessary. I connect intuitively with your energy, then guide you through a personalized meditation. If we remain on the phone together, I will share all intuitive insights as they arise while, with focus and intention, I conduct a session to clear, energize, and balance your energy.  If you are not available to be on the phone with me, then I record all intuitive insights and at the end of the session, you will receive an MP3 recording via email, sharing what intuitive information came up, the assessment of your pre and post energy field and chakras, and suggestions for continued growth work and healing.

 "From nearly 150 miles away, each distance healing session leaves me uplifted, enlightened, focused, filled with self-knowledge and self-understanding, and with tips on how to stay that way or move to a higher level on my own.  It's amazing! Highly recommended!"

-K.L. Tabernash, Colorado 

Adult Distance Healing Fee
$90 per 1-hour treatment ($100 for first time clients; session will include full intake interview)

Animal Distance Healing Fee
$80 per 1-hour treatment

Pay for Session
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Distant healing sessions have helped me truly understand how energy is not limited by time or space.

My first session occurred while I was flying thousands of miles above the ground. Even though I was constantly moving, Lauri was able to connect with my energy.

During another session, I had emailed a full page of intentions and was concerned that I had too many. Lauri reminded me that energy does not have a limit. It can flow to as many places as it needs to go.

Mary Margaret Schreck

My favorite time to call Lauri for a distance healing session is when I am on the threshold of a new beginning... a birthday is around the corner, a new season is upon us, a new adventure is on the horizon. Experiencing distance healing is the perfect time to become fully centered and aligned. Through wisdom, caring, laughter, concern, confidence, and kindness Lauri shares her healing gifts and insights with me with intention, purpose, and connection. There is a sense of completeness, groundedness, and clarity within and beyond each session. I marvel at the opportunity of being an established distance healing client of Lauri's and appreciate her gentleness and openness which she brings to every session.
Mary Gill
Pursuing the Positive, LLC
Lifelong Learning and Achievement Coaching

Mary Gill

I've received both in-person and distance healing with Lauri, and both have been very positive experiences. What I appreciate about distance healing is that Lauri usually knows about my intentions for the session ahead of time, which gives us both an opportunity for greater reflection on those intentions. The sharing after the session is also very thorough because Lauri's taken notes the whole time. One of my favorite parts is receiving her email attachment of the notes. I have found Lauri's insights to be very helpful for my personal development and for living out my life purpose.


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