What is a Typical Session Like?

A first session is an hour and 15 minutes, as it includes an intake interview and initial assessment. The client is asked the common questions (age, medical history, medications, etc.) and some not so common questions (What do you do to relieve stress? What do you do to relax? Do you meditate? What are your religious or spiritual beliefs / practices? What do you hope to get out of the session?, etc.) A treatment is usually given on a massage table or in a chair, though Energy Healing can be adapted to any setting (hospital bed, wheel chair, accident scene, etc.) The client is fully clothed for the treatment. The practitioner begins by assessing the energy field, feeling for variances in temperature, vibration, etc. Any one of a number of energy balancing techniques may be used, depending on the individual situation. Every session after the first is one hour in length.

Initial Appointment
1 hour 15 minute appointment (includes an intake interview and a full Healing Touch treatment) 
$85 for children and full-time students

Every session after the first one
1 hour appointment
$75/session for children and full-time students

Optional 90 minute session of Energy Healing:


$105/session- full time students

Home or Hospital Visits:

Within 15 minute commute
From Lauri's Fort Collins office

Session with $10 trip charge
out of 15 minute range



Energy healing with Lauri is an amazing experience that leaves me feeling peaceful, balanced, and relaxed. I refer all of my friends to her!

Lisa Poppaw

I always feel so good after leaving a session with Lauri. Like the best version of myself!

Helen Johnson

I have done both in-person Energy Healing, Distance Energy Healing, and a Raindrop session with Lauri. All of these offered me space to reconnect with my deeper self, to relax and rejuvenate. Lauri is a most wonderful guide in these sessions. She conducts them professionally, is open and available with her schedule, and deeply caring and kind. Her office space is comforting and convenient – and with the distance sessions you can be in the comfort of your own home with the exact same deeply meaningful experience. I highly recommend any of Lauri’s services to my family, friends, and anyone who cares to listen. Thank you! -Hannah, Estes Park

Hannah H.

Lauri Pointer has helped me find inner peace and contentment. The positive benefits of Healing Touch have been fantastic.

Jeanne G., breast cancer survivor

It feels good and tingly.

Four-Year-Old Client

Healing Touch is like having your cobwebs cleared.

Sylvia H.

It's like reading a wonderful book or having a relaxing bath. I don't want it to end. I find it to be really restorative.

Gina M.

Lauri uses her highly tuned intuition to guide her as she supports my body and my spirit. Her assistance has been a key component in my healing process.

Lynne M.

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