Energy Healing For Surgery Support

Why have Energy Healing when you have surgery?

Research shows that surgical wounds heal faster and pain is less when a patient has energetic support, such as Healing Touch, for surgery. The length of the hospital stay is also often reduced. With surgery, not only is the physical body cut, but also the energy body. 

The energy field acts as a blueprint for the physical body-meaning the body looks to the energy field to decide how it will build and repair. This is much like the way a builder looks at architect blueprints to see how to proceed with building. If we can repair the energy field right after surgery, it is immediately giving the message to the body to build and repair in a whole, healed way. If a patient goes into surgery with the field open and flowing and holding a higher frequency of energy, healing is happening even as the surgery is taking place. 

Energy Healing puts the body in a position for optimal health and healing and can help relieve the fear that patient’s often experience surrounding a surgery. In the midst of the poking and prodding part of being a hospital patient, the gentle warmth of Healing Touch can be a welcome relief and genuine, deep comfort in a sea of unknowns.

Surgery Support
$380 for 4 sessions (trip charges may apply; home and hospital visits are 50 minute sessions)

Pay for Surgery Support Package