Raindrop Technique

In addition to Energy Healing sessions, I offer Raindrop Technique® which uses organic therapeutic grade Young Living Essential Oils to detoxify, heal and balance the Body, Mind and Spirit. This unique blend of aromatherapy, ancient Lakota Sioux energy techniques and reflexology is powerful for body detoxification, relaxation and increasing comfort and health in the body. Raindrop also aligns the body energetically and frees up trapped energies in the major energy centers. The seven single oils and two blends are applied along the spine and spinal reflexology points along the feet. Those who have experienced Raindrop Technique have experienced more energy, relief of back pain and stiffness, a boosted immune system, deep relaxation, mental clarity and overall increased sense of well-being.

Raindrop Technique Session

$95 for a one hour session
($105 if it is your very first session with me, as I will do an intake interview. If you have already been in to see me for an Energy Healing session, then your first Raindrop is $95.)

$85 for one hour session-children and full-time students
 ($95 if it is a very first session with me)

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The raindrop technique is a wonderfully nurturing treatment- a purely decadent experience! The elated energy and "rejuvenation" experience with this technique are everlasting over the course of days following each treatment.

Laura R.

I wanted to thank you for your awesome Raindrop work the other day. It felt great. I was shocked that I got in my car and had to adjust my mirror because I was sitting so straight. I wouldn't have thought I would have such a dramatic result from such light work but I did indeed!

Lawrence L.

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