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Journal Writing in Fort CollinsI am a Certified Instructor of Journal to the Self®, a program taught by Kathleen Adams, founder of the Center for Journal Therapy.  I have been teaching journaling workshops throughout the U.S. since 2001. 

I believe journaling is a powerful tool for healing.  It allows us to access information from our subconscious and superconcsious selves, connecting us to that place within where all the answers to all of our questions lie.  Journaling can be playful and deep, simple and profound.  Everyone has a writer within.  In journaling, grammar doesn’t matter- it’s all about just getting your thoughts and feelings out in the most raw, unfiltered way that you can.  People are often amazed at the beautiful things that come through in their writing.  When we access our most authentic selves, writing purely from the heart, we recognize a profound beauty within.  Many “ah-ha” moments happen for people in journaling classes.  While sharing naturally happens within a group, I always make sure people know they have a right to privacy.  You can come and journal quietly or you can come and share with the group....or a little of both.  Each person is honored for exactly where they are.    Sometimes, when we have just a little bit of structure for our writing, it helps us to get started.  Once we start writing, whatever is in there for healing will begin to pour out.  My classes are all about giving you fun, new, and often playful ways to get you “into the waters of writing”.  Once you are there, the writing takes on a life of its own. 

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Benefits of Journaling

(Adapted from Journal To the Self by Kathleen Adams)

  1. It is a great way to safely process feelings and emotions.
  2. It is a tool for gaining clarity in any area of your life.
  3. It helps develop intuition and connects us with our inner wisdom.
  4. It awakens creativity.
  5. It allows you to get to know yourself in a deeper way and to discover your most authentic self and your own unique gifts.
  6. It is empowering and enhances self-esteem.
  7. It is always available, even in the middle of the night, and can feel like a safe friend to "talk" to.
  8. It allows you to observe cycles and patterns in your life.
  9. It is a powerful tool for manifestation. When we write our goals and visions down, we are more likely to accomplish them.
  10. It's just plain fun!

Basic Suggestions for Journaling

(Adapted from Journal To the Self by Kathleen Adams)

  1. Don’t Work At It- Play at it!
  2. Start With a Meditation or Quieting Technique
  3. Date Every Entry
  4. Keep What You Write
  5. Announce That Your Journal is Private
  6. Don’t Worry About Grammar- spelling and punctuation just don’t matter in your journal!
  7. Start Writing, Keep Writing, and Write Quickly- don't stop to analyze what you are writing!
  8. Be Completely Truthful With Yourself
  9. Write in Your Own Voice, as Naturally as Possible
  10. Prepare to Experience Cathartic Self-Awareness and Insight!

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Your classes are not ordinary journaling - they are special with the spiritual, healing, and soul essence woven in - very healing and precious.

MaryAnn R.

Lauri does an excellent job of making people feel comfortable and sharing information clearly. She knows her subject material well. I left knowing all my answers are within me.

Toni A.

Lauri, I appreciate the safe peace you create and the way you bring nothing but the "real you" to our sessions. This class helped me learn that I can see, feel, and know that divine light is in me and in everything and everyone around me.

Mindy H.

Lauri is kind and easy going and she has a depth and breadth that make her class very helpful and healing. I have learned how to let go, allow, and trust a little more through the journaling process.

Jennifer H.

Lauri, I appreciate your openness, guidance, and honesty. It is obvious you don't just "talk the talk" but also "walk the walk"... I have discovered through journaling that I am stronger and more intuitive than I think I am.

Dawn M.

I like the creative, artistic aspects of this type of journaling. Lauri is very gifted and calming. This is my second class with her and in both I learned that I have many gifts and I just have to take the risk to use them.

Wendy C.