Recorded Personalized Guided Meditations

When I record your meditation, I will invite in calming energy and wisdom for your intention(s). Ask for a meditation to support you in anything you need right now. Maybe you need: 

  • Improved sleep
  • To release fear or anxiety
  • General relaxation
  • Support manifesting something wonderful in your life
  • To release heartache
  • Comfort for grief
  • Improved relationships
  • Support for a wellness goal
  • Or anything else

Please email or text me with your intention for your meditation. I will attune with your energy at a distance, and intuitively bring in a personalized guided 10-15 minute meditation for you and then will email you the recording.   

My recommendation is to listen to it in the morning and evening or any time you feel like you need a boost or an energy shift. Not only will the words be specific for you, the frequency of energy I will bring through for your meditation will also continue to flow to you each time you listen to it. Listening to the recording will be like having a mini energy healing session and meditation at the same time!

The cost is $30 and for the next few months, I will be donating 10% of all proceeds from the Recorded Personalized Guided Meditations to the Larimer County Food Bank to help support those who are unable to stock their pantries right now. 

Sign up and pay for your personalized guided meditation.